Another poor cottonwood tree injury…

Monday night’s thunderstorm and lightening left us with a huge cottonwood branch blocking Kimberly Road.  The tree still stands just the other side of our fence in front.  Many thanks to the carful of men who moved the branch to the side of the road in the pouring rain!  The branch was at least 18 feet long and over a foot in diameter.  We also appreciate that the Cuba Township Road Crew were here bright and early Tuesday morning to remove it.  Last year we lost the largest cottonwood tree as a preventative measure.

I know, the tree experts will tell you these old cottonwoods are “…not good trees…”  They tend to be hollow in the middle.  And they do break. And fall on people/houses/cars.  And yes, we are just about to be engulfed  in their “cotton”.  And that always seems to happen just when the peonies are coming into their full glory.

And Yet..they are stately, aren’t they?  And they provide such nice shade.  It’s hard not to love a beautiful tree, even if it is fatally flawed.

Now those evil buckthorns are another matter….

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