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Purple Beautyberries in the garden

It’s been two years since I planted a pair of American Beautyberries (Callicarpa Americana) in the peony beds. I wanted to add something that would give interest later in the season in these two raised, full-sun beds. There are a few geraniums and other perennials in the beds now, but we wanted a bigger show […]

Witch Hazel Walk

One of the rewards of walking around the garden in this cooler weather is seeing the witch hazels in full bloom.   Only after the leaves fall can I see the yellow flowers appearing on the twigs.   It is a subtle effect that you have to get close enough to notice. These witch hazel bushes (Hamamelis […]

Interesting Facts about Pumpkins

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year and will be around for the next few weeks until Thanksgiving. Did you know that • botanically speaking, pumpkins are actually fruits? We eat the ripe fruit and seeds. • the word “pumpkin” has no botanical meaning? What we think of as pumpkins are actually members of the […]

Hedge apples. We used to call them horse apples in Texas…

You may have seen the 4-6 inch round, wrinkled lime-green fruits lying on the side of the road recently.   These are the (inedible to humans) fruit of the ‘Osage orange’ tree (named for the Osage Indians).  They have fallen from large, old trees that were often originally planted by farmers and trained as a hedge […]

Fall Twice as Nice Event October 9, 2011

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The Quintessential Barrington, July/August 2011 issue covered our Spring Twice as Nice Event!  Several of Sally’s wonderful photos (Sally Roeckell at of beautiful children were included.  We so appreciate everyone who joined us!! We look forward to seeing you at our Fall Twice as Nice event which will be held here on October 9, 2011. […]