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Bayberry Candles for the Holidays

Every Christmas when I was growing up my one of the grandparent presents was a package of gifts from the Vermont Country Store.  These were mostly things that reminded them of their younger Christmases that they wanted to share with us.*  Among these were bayberry candles.   Bayberry candles are made from the wax covering the […]

Forsythia behaving badly

  Our hugely overgrown forsythia bushes (probably Forsythia xintermedia which gets to be 8-10’ high by 10-12’ wide—and ours is that large) are behaving badly and about to be entirely cut to the ground.  Forsythia are only pretty for the few weeks when they bloom in spring.  The rest of the time they have wild, […]

New additions for 2015–Hardy Bulbs

Last spring, one of the better things I did was take the Hardy Bulbs course at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The course offers wonderful detail on over 60 plants that are great choices for our area. It includes sections on daffodils and alliums (both wildlife-resistant options with unusual varieties) and a section on tulip varieties […]

Forcing Forsythia Branches

After the holidays I enjoy the bare, clean look of the house for about two weeks.  After all the dust-catching clutter of ornaments, trinkets and greens, it’s a relief to see some clear space.  But then the house starts to feel empty (of plant life, we have almost too many dogs) around here. Houseplants* are […]

Hedge apples. We used to call them horse apples in Texas…

You may have seen the 4-6 inch round, wrinkled lime-green fruits lying on the side of the road recently.   These are the (inedible to humans) fruit of the ‘Osage orange’ tree (named for the Osage Indians).  They have fallen from large, old trees that were often originally planted by farmers and trained as a hedge […]

Fall Twice as Nice Event October 9, 2011

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The Quintessential Barrington, July/August 2011 issue covered our Spring Twice as Nice Event!  Several of Sally’s wonderful photos (Sally Roeckell at of beautiful children were included.  We so appreciate everyone who joined us!! We look forward to seeing you at our Fall Twice as Nice event which will be held here on October 9, 2011. […]